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Parent/Guardian Group

We make a positive impact at Crestview School of Inquiry in a few ways:

  1. Fun and Social Activities: Our parent/guardian group organizes enjoyable events like movie nights, fun runs, and open houses. These activities bring our school community together, creating a sense of pride and encouraging friendships.

  2. Supporting School Needs: The group also helps fund things that the regular budget might not cover. This includes items like library books and special programs that enhance our school experience.

  3. Improving Communication: Keeping the lines of communication open between parents, teachers, and staff is crucial. When everyone can talk and share ideas, it makes Crestview School of Inquiry a better place for everyone.

By working together, we can create a positive and supportive environment for our school community!

2024-25 Crestview Parent/Guardian Group Board 

  • Chair: Tessa Martin
  • Co-Chair: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Laura Fiala
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Jill Porter
  • Secretary: Tammy Skinner

How To Get Involved

Specific events: Classroom parties, fundraising, open house and conference dinners.

On-going committee events: Staff appreciation, hospitality, and Box Tops.

In class: Homeroom parent or volunteer.

At school: Media center and front office.

2024-25 Meetings

All meetings are at school unless otherwise communicated. 

  • Dates and times will be posted soon.

Have A Question?

For more information and details about the Parent Group at Crestview School of Inquiry, please contact:

Tessa Martin